Future Developments

Ngaio and Crofton Downs Residents Association keeps an eye on plans for new subdivisions and other future developments in the Ngaio and Crofton Downs area.

131 Silverstream Road

During the winter of 2013 the owner of the land at the end of Silverstream Road, Crofton Downs, removed the old farm buildings from this 60 acre block of residential and rural land.

In September 2015 Wellington City Council and Greater Wellington granted resource consents for mass earthworks for this Silverstream Road site. The consent applications were not publicly notified despite the community advocating for this to occur. Requests for the earthworks consent to only be considered as part of a broader subdivision proposal were also ignored.

The earthworks consent allows:

  • a 10 hectare area to be cut and filled to form 3 large flat building platforms
  • rerouting a 800m section of the main stream into an artificial watercourse.

The consent conditions require a number of plans to be finalised for things such as landscaping, stormwater and traffic management.  As of January 2016 these plans were not publicly available.

In early December 2015 clearance of vegetation on the site began to enable better surveying of the areas to be cut and filled.  This vegetation clearance is not subject to the earthworks consent because the District Plan has no restrictions on vegetation clearance – even 30 year plus re-generating forest.

Local residents are keeping a keen eye on any impacts on stream water quality, dust and on working hours.

There is no set timeframe for the start of the earthworks.  A group of Crofton Downs residents will attempt to facilitate a planning session with those interested about issues that will be raised by the inevitable subdivision application.

Kilmarston (Crow’s Nest) subdivision

After many decades of dispute between developers and residents, developments on the Kilmarston block, to the north-west of Ngaio, have been made conditional on the City Council acquiring the Crow’s Nest and surrounding undeveloped land.

The Kilmarston Block

The block is a large area of land between Ngaio and the hill ridgeline to the north-west of the suburb. The block was part of a farm owned by the Kilmister family, who always allowed walking access to the Crow’s Nest.

Plans for development

Since the 1970s, developers have aimed to build houses on the land. This has always been opposed by local residents. There has been particular concern about the impact of proposed developments on the Crow’s Nest, which is iconic to Ngaio and an important link to the Outer Town Belt. Continued access to the Crow’s Nest is also very important.

In 2006, the Council gave consent for plans for 41 houses to be built on the block.  Ngaio Progressive Association appealed to the Environment Court, and spent the next six years in mediation with the developers and the Council.

On 1 October 2012, Council issued consent orders for a staged development. We understand the first stage  must be “given effect” within 5 years. However, an additional requirement, under the agreement to sell the reserve land to Council, is that the consent holder must decide to implement the consent within 4 years of 1 October 2012. Otherwise the agreement lapses.

Acceptable compromise

If development takes place on the Kilmarston block, the Council will buy Block 45, including the Crow’s Nest, and incorporate it into the Outer Town Belt. There will be access to the block from a public road, and we hope a new walking track to the Skyline Walkway will be built. Public access to the Skyline and the Crow’s Nest will be guaranteed.

Ngaio and Crofton Downs Residents Association are pleased with the conditions, although we continue to have reservations about the suitability of the proposed subdivision, and the impact of the proposed earthworks on the Korimako stream.

Media coverage


Waikowhai St

WCC listed an application to subdivide 97 Waikowhai Street, Ngaio into four sections in its Resource Consent notices on August 2013.


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