Meeting Minutes

Notes from our meetings

On this page you can find out what Ngaio Crofton Downs Residents Association talks about in our monthly meetings.

Meetings are on the first Wednesday of the month in the drop-in centre at the Ngaio Town Hall, 7:30 pm. All residents are welcome to attend.

Meeting notes from 4 March 2015

We spent most of our time organising the neighbours day event in Cummings Park on Sunday, 29 March 11am – 3:00pm.

Meeting notes from 4 February 2015

  • Work on the Silversky bridge should begin soon.
  • Freedom campers were camping in Chelmsford Park in early January. They left their rubbish behind – bagged up.
  • We will present an oral submission on the draft suburban parks and reserves management plan on 12 February.
  • We agreed to organise a neighbours day event in Cummings Park on Sunday, 29 March 11am – 3:00pm.

Meeting notes from 3 December 2014

  • Robyn Radomski was co-opted onto the Committee
  • Valerie Bos reported on the meeting with GWRC about squeaky trains
  • Thirsty Liquor have applied to renew their liquor licence. NCDRA will put in a submission
  • Our next committee meeting is on Wednesday, 4 February 2015, 7:30, in the side room of Ngaio Town Hall.

Meeting notes from 5 November 2014

  • Our AGM is on 18 November in the Ngaio Union Church. We discussed arrangements for this meeting
  • Our annual newsletter is nearly finished. We divvied out areas for delivery to residents’ letterboxes over the next couple of weeks.
  • Our walking tracks map is now updated and copies are in Cummings Park library.
  • Kathleen Wright from Sub Urban Co-Working talked to us about this project
  • We briefly discussed the draft suburban reserves management plan and set up a small subcommittee to look at it in depth and make recommendations for the next committee meeting to discuss.
  • Our next committee meeting is on Wednesday, 5 December, 7:45 in the side room of Ngaio Town Hall.

Meeting notes from 1 October 2014

  • Graham Weir from the Silversky Track group reported on progress and their grant from Transpower
  • A member of the community alerted us to possible plans to sell All Saints Church
  • Noisy trains are still an issue for some residents
  • An information kit for new residents was tabled.

Meeting notes from 2 September 2014

  • We met briefly before the Meet the Candidates meeting to finalise arrangements
  • Our next meeting is on Wednesday, 1 October.

Meeting notes from 6 August 2014

  • We spent most of our time discussing arrangements for the Meet the Candidates meeting on Tuesday 2 September at 8:00pm
  • We will hold our AGM later this year in Crofton Downs
  • Our next committee meeting will be on 1 October.

Meeting notes from 2 July 2014

No meeting

Meeting notes from 4 June 2014

  • Committee members plan to attend two local meetings – Project Kaiwharawhara and Bus Routes through Khandallah
  • Silversky Track’s Graham Weir gave us an update on track progress. The track should be finished in its current form by the end of the year. Three boardwalks have been installed and another is needed. A steep, temporary exit will connect with a right-of-way off Silverstream Road. The final alignment depends on the new housing development. The group will apply for funding from Transpower’s Community Care Fund.
  • Local residents Jane Schaverien and Kathleen Wright outlined ideas for planting fruit trees in public places throughout Ngaio, starting close to schools or parks
  • We plan to update our walking tracks map to include the Silversky Track and Chartwell Reserve.

Meeting notes from 7 May 2014

  • We agreed to hold a meet the candidates meeting in the Ngaio Town Hall at a date to be arranged
  • We are supporting the Silversky Track builders by managing their WCC funding
  • Trevor Lloyd, park ranger Matt Roberson and local resident Brian Dawkins re-gravelled a 20 metre section of Heke Reserve track – the section close to Thatcher Crescent
  • Trevor will replant the grasses around the welcome to Ngaio signs as they are looking a bit tired
  • Trevor and Robin led a walk through Makererua Reserve during the school holidays.

Meeting notes from 2 April 2014

  • President Ritchie Wards has bought a house in the Wairarapa but will continue as President until the AGM
  • We discussed ways to increase Committee membership
  • Over the past 3 months Ngaio has had several car break-ins and 16 burglaries
  • Community constable Hamish Knight Hamish would still like our support for community patrols for the Khandallah to Wilton area. Community Policing NZ would organise the patrols
  • Part of the Heke Reserve track near Thatcher Crescent is boggy and needs gravel.

Meeting notes from 5 March 2014

Graeme Weir updated us on the Silversky Track in Crofton Downs.

Meeting notes from 5 February 2014

    • Local community constable Hamish Knight addressed the meeting. He is based in Karori. The main problems in our area are burglaries and car theft and he suggested having community patrol patrols between Khandallah anad Wilton – including Ngaio – and canvassed our support.
    • He also suggested that the Khandallah, Ngaio, Crofton Downs suburbs could have a resilience meeting to identify readiness for disasters such as earthquakes. Meetings are organised by Civil Defence in cooperation with local groups.
    • The area we planted in Cummings Park last winter now needs to be weeded.

Meeting notes from 4 December 2013

This was our Christmas Party, so it was a very short meeting.

Meeting notes from 6 November 2013

        • We welcomed the new committee and caught up with financial matters
        • We have applied for funding from Z and should hear next year if we are successful. This means we would be one of three organisations motorists can vote for when they buy petrol.
        • Progress on completing the Silversky Track is slower than expected
        • We will send Mike Oates, WCC, our ideas for possible inclusion in Council’s Suburban Reserves Management Plan by mid-December. We have contacted local Green groups to alert them to the review.

Meeting notes from 3 October 2013

        • Mike Wignall from the Green Belters updated us on their restoration project near the top of Chartwell Drive.
        • Michael Oates (WCC) met with us to discuss the Suburban Reserves Management Plan and what it means for our local parks and reserves.He is a guest speaker at our AGM where he hopes to get more feedback.
        • We also made final arrangements for the Meet the Candidates meeting in Ngaio Town Hall and our AGM in the Union Church.
        • We will launch our updated walking tracks map at our AGM. We have 250 copies to distribute.

Meeting notes from 4 September 2013

        • Sarah Adams, WCC’s new Community and Neighbourhood Advisor for the Western suburbs – including Ngaio and Crofton Downs, talked to us about her role
        • We have invited all 12 Onslow-Western ward and the 6 mayoral candidates to our Meet the Candidates meeting on Thursday, 3 October at 7:30 in the Ngaio Town Hall
        •  All is organised for the planting bee in Cummings Park on 8 September. There was an article in the Independent Herald about it and lots of posters are up around Ngaio
        • We discussed arrangements for our AGM on Tuesday 22 October in the Union Church. A guest speaker is Jeffrey Loo – a planner from WCC – who will talk about planning requirements for large subdivisions. This is useful because we don’t know what is happening to the land at the end of Silverstream Road.
        •  Michael Oates (WCC) would like to meet with us to discuss the Suburban Reserves Management Plan and what it means for our local parks and reserves.

Meeting notes from 7 August 2013

        • WRC councillor Darren Ponter discussed transport spine options
        • Cummings Park planting bee will be on Sunday 8 September from 1-3pm
        • We are having a Meet the Candidates meeting in Ngaio Town Hall on Thursday 3 October from 7:30pm. Ward candidates will speak first followed by mayoral candidates. Questions welcome.
        • Our AGM will be on Tuesday 22 October in the Ngaio Union church.

Meeting notes from 3 July 2013

        • WRC councillor Darren Ponter will attend our next meeting to discuss the bus plan
        • The afternoon tea on 16 June was cancelled
        • The planting bee in Cummings Park was postponed because WCC were too busy clearing storm damage to deliver the seedlings
        • We had an update about the noisy train meeting on 25 June
        • The track from Downing St to the skyline is progressing well
        • The Thatcher Cresc end of the Heke Reserve track took a hammering in the storm.

Meeting notes from 5 June 2013

        • We discussed arrangements for the planting bee in Cummings Park on 30 June and the afternoon tea on 16 June
        • Changes to the Ngaio walking map are underway. The map will include the Downing St and Chartwell Drive tracks.
        • WCC has called for submissions on its open spaces plan. We will put in a submission.

Meeting notes from 1 May 2013

        • We decided to shift the tree planting in Cummings Park to 30 June from 9.30-11.30am and include a ceremonial planting of a large tree.
        • Crofton Downs residents have scoped out a walking track from the end of Downing Street to the Skyline Walkway
        • We are celebrating 30 years of being an incorporated society on 16 June from 2:30 – 4:00 pm in the Ngaio Scout Hall.

Meeting notes from 3 April 2013

        • We agreed to hold an anniversary event on 16 June to celebrate 30 years of being an incorporated society
        • We decided to organise a community planting on 16 June by the steam in Cummings Park to replace trees that have been cut down.
        • We will also replace plants around the Waikowhai St and Ngaio Gorge NGAIO signs.
        • On the Local Government Restructure consultation we agreed that we prefer the status quo and would make a submission on this point
        • We reported back about the noisy train meeting in the Ngaio Town Hall.

Our next meeting is on Wednesday 1 May 2013

Meeting notes from 6 March 2013

Ian Sharp from the Village People in Crofton Downs talked about the group’s concerns for the local community now the supermarket has closed for the year.

Our next meeting is on 3 April 2013

Meeting notes from 6 February 2013

Park ranger Matt Robertson gave us an update on activities in the area:

        • Removal of trees in Cummings Park
        • A group of Crofton Downs residents is beginning work on a track between Downing St and the Skyline Walkway
        • Crofton Downs Primary School is taking part in a ‘Trees for Schools’ project
        • The Green Belters have put in a grassy area at the entrance to the track from the top of Chartwell Drive and are looking for funding for chairs and picnic tables.

We also discussed our strategic plan, noted there is a Ward Meeting on 26 March about WCC’s Alcohol Review, and that Neighbours’ Day is 23-24 March.

Our next meeting is on 6 March.

Meeting notes from 5 December 2012

We spent most of our time discussing our 2013 strategic plan. Other points raised:

        • The 3 Ngaio signs were refurbished recently by committee member Trevor Lloyd
        • Land for a proposed walkway between Silverstream Road and Downing Street in Crofton Downs has been vested with WCC
        • There are rabbits in Trelissick Park
        • A dead possum was seen in Heke St
        • Our next meeting is on 13 Feb 2013.

Meeting notes from 7 November 2012 meeting

        • Greater Wellington councillor Darran Ponter let us know that during November they are trialling two options for reducing wheel squeal on the Johnsonville line.
        • We are still updating our walking map
        • Scouts will get $400 for their assistance with the junk drive.
        • Our AGM was very well attended. Guest speaker Matt Robertson gave an excellent presentation on the Council’s conservation plans, then focused on work done by local groups. He had an aerial map showing our huge network of walking tracks and reserves. Speakers from local conservation groups talked about their projects – including a new group in Crofton Downs at the top of Chartwell Rd.
        • Viv Chapple attended a meeting about the Wellington Bus Review. The current 43-44  routes will become one route, running every half hour between Khandallah Village and Highbury via Willis St.  Route 45 is unchanged. Route 47 looks as though it will run from Crofton Downs to the Zoo via Victoria University in Kelburn. It is still under discussion. See the suggested bus network.

Meeting notes from 3 October 2012 meeting

        • The Environment Court has approved resource consent for the Kilmarston subdivision on the hillside above Huntleigh Park Way.
        • We had a debrief on the junk drive. It took two hours less this time and it made about $600. Scouts will get a donation for their hard work.
        • Our AGM will be on 16 October at the Ngaio Union Church at 7:30pm. Guest speaker is park ranger Matt Robertson talking about the work of Ngaio and Crofton Downs conservation groups.
        • The text for the updated walking map of Ngaio just needs to be proof read.

Meeting notes from 5 September 2012 meeting

        • We mostly discussed arrangements for the junk drive on 15 September.
        • Long time NPA member Trevor Lloyd received an award at the Northern Suburbs volunteers awards ceremony.
        • Tidying the flaxes near Ngaio railway station is going slowly.

Meeting notes from 1 August 2012 meeting

        • Our joint memorandum of understanding with Council regarding the Kilmarston subdivision is still with the Environment Court.
        • The Silverstream Reserve planting bee is on 4 August, at 10am. There is plenty of planting and releasing to do.
        • Our AGM is on Tuesday 16 Oct at Ngaio Union Church at 7.30pm. Guest speaker and supper. All welcome.
        • The junk drive is on 22 September.

Meeting notes from 4 July 2012 meeting

        • Our  junk drive is on 22 September. Scouts are holding a second hand stall for the better items at the same time.
        • The Collingwood Street entrance to Heke Reserve is being resealed. Along with last year’s planting, this will make the area look very smart.
        • Wellington Civic Trust is supporting the Kaiwharawhara stream and estuary project begun by Trelissick Park Group. Their first priority is to get public access to the estuary and its northern beach. Read more about this project .
        • We have prepared a NPA promotional poster.
        • Our joint memorandum of understanding with Council regarding the Kilmarston subdivision is now with the Environment Court.
        • We are planning a planting bee in Silverstream Road this winter and have 70 seedlings on order. We haven’t received them yet, so can’t set a date. There is plenty of weeding to be done at the same time.
        • Some of the new trees in Ngaio Village were pruned recently and we are delighted with the results.
        • Trevor Lloyd has sanded the statue in Cummings Park to get rid of lichen. It’s looking better. We are concerned about it in the long-term because there is a crack in the marble.
        • The honours roll is now back in the Town Hall.
        • The turf in Cummings Park dog exercise area is very muddy.
        • Feral cats are a problem in upper Heke Street.
        • Ngaio Scouts have been given the green light to purchase their current site from Railways.

Meeting notes from 6 June 2012 meeting

        • This winter we plan to complete our planting behind the Play Centre on Silverstream Road. We have 70 plants to put in – probably in July. Volunteers most welcome! The date will be on our website (once we decide when to hold the working bee).
        • The Kaiwharawhara Steam enters the harbour via reclaimed land behind Spotlight. It is an important ecological area. It is the only stream to enter Wellington harbour naturally (not through pipes) and little blue penguins are known to nest there. The quality of the water at the stream’s mouth is dreadful. The beach is wonderful – but inaccessible. Many organisations own sections of the reclaimed land. KiwiRail doesn’t want people on the train tracks. Centre Port doesn’t want people wandering through the ferry terminal area to the beach.
        • Trelissick Park Group is keen that this should change and now has Wellington Civic Trust on board to help progress matters. NPA is writing to the Trust supporting the initiative. We want this piece of public land to be preserved for public use.
        • The lettering on the WW1 Honours Board in Ngaio Town Hall has become worn and hard to read over the years. Council has temporarily removed the Board for restoration.
        • NPA has signed the Kilmarston development papers on the Crow’s nest.

Meeting notes from 2 May 2012 meeting

        • We spent most of our time talking about Wellington City Council’s draft 10-year plan. Councillors Andy Foster and John Morrison attended the meeting and answered questions. Members of the public also attended.
        • NPA has received the Kilmarston development papers and expects to sign shortly.

Meeting notes from 4 April 2012 meeting

        • Community constable Stu Rowe addressed the meeting, talking about tagging, vandalism and other matters. Contact him if you notice a spate of tagging in your area or if you notice a particular place is regularly targeted.
        • If you spot tagging or other vandalism on Wellington Electricity’s property, the company is happy to supply materials to local people who want to remove it.
        • The Kilmarston subdivision below the Crow’s Nest has been signed off between the developer and the Council. NPA expects to sign soon.
        • We are updating our map of walking tracks of Ngaio and Crofton Downs. We are exploring printing and circulation options.
        • A group of NPA members recently met with people who use the dog exercise area in Cummings Park to discuss how to improve the state of the turf. We agreed to write to the park ranger to accept his offer of a roll of grass reinforcing mesh to trial improving the turf. We will lobby for further turf improvements to be included in the Council’s long term plan.
        • We discussed our strategic plan, and agreed to raise the issue of a name change at our next AGM.

Notes from NPA meeting held 7 March 2012

Our meeting this month featured a presentation by Wellington Regional Council on their proposed bus review. This took most of our time, but will help us in our submission.

We also heard briefly about late night disturbances in Chelmsford Park.

Notes from NPA meeting held 1 February 2012

This was a longer meeting than usual as we had a visit from Park Ranger Matt Robertson.

We discussed:

        • The Greater Wellington Regional Council bus service review. The Council is meeting with residents groups to brief them on the review so they are able to make informed submissions.  They are coming to our March meeting at 8pm.
        • The deteriorating state of the Ngaio signs. We agreed that Trevor should stain them.
        • A colony of feral cats in Heke St. We will contact the SPCA to let them know.
        • The need to weed plants behind the playcentre in Silverstream Road. If we could find a volunteer, WCC would train them to use a weed eater safely in public areas. Otherwise, we need to arrange a mulching working bee.
        • The state of Cummings Park turf.
        • Our strategic goals for 2012

Our draft strategic goals for this year include:

        • Holding another midwinter Network Ngaio event for community groups, including “green” groups
        • Organising a junk drive later in the year
        • Completing our revised walking track brochure
        • Planting 50 more shrubs in Silverstream Road
        • Making submissions on issues as they arise, such as the bus service review
        • Sending out a regular email newsletter to residents
        • Contributing to the Ngaio page on Facebook

We decided against having a street audit this year. If you notice any lights out, overhanging vegetation, broken footpaths – or other infrastructure that needs fixing, phone Wellington  City Council’s hotline and lodge a complaint – 499 4444.

Email us your thoughts on the strategic goals and any other matters –

Our next committee meeting is on Wednesday 7 March in the Drop In Centre of the Ngaio Town Hall.  7:45pm. Ngaio and Crofton Downs residents are always welcome.