2021 Photo Competition Winners

Thanks to everyone who entered our photo competition, in conjunction with the AGM on 17 November. We had a total of 34 photos entered.

Everyone who entered will receive an email over the next couple of days, confirming your free membership to our Association for the next year.

Below are the winners as judged by our local photographer, Colin McDiarmid, with his comment on each. Colin said that the standard of images continues to rise and passes on his congratulations to the winners. Thanks to Colin, who can be found at http://www.colin.co.nz/.

Click on each image for the full size version, and to see all entries, visit our photo album – at Photos

Category – Weather

Winner – A stop on the way to The Crows Nest Dick Johnson, Dick Johnson

The dog in the foreground adds to the interest in this image of a stunning day with a view that we do not all get to see.

Commended – Shepherd’s Warning for Ngaio, Colin Morris

Evocative dawn shot which gets you thinking.

Category – Gardens

Winner – P Moore, Ornithogalum

Great variation in textures, providing visual interest

Commended – callyc9

Lovely close up with selective focus in the right place

Category – Pets/ wildlife

Winner – Cathy Box

Colin called this shot the absolute overall winner!. Lovely “painterly” quality – I would hang this on my wall!

Commended – Jess Maccagno, Tupi

Strong directional sidelight and the catchlights in the eyes make this image “pop”.

Commended – Colin Morris, At Home in Ngaio

The wind fluffing up the feathers of the Kereru adds visual interest to this image.

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Christmas Live Community Event

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2021 Photography Competition

After a successful competition last year, we are repeating it again in 2021. We are lucky to have local photographer Colin McDiarmid (http://www.colin.co.nz/) as our judge again this year.

The categories for 2021 are gardens, pets, and weather – send in entries to photo@ngaio.org.nz and Colin will sort them into a category. You can view last years photos here – Photos | Ngaio Crofton Downs Residents Association

Eligible entries will be still photos taken in Ngaio or Crofton Downs, with no restrictions on date or type of camera, and they can be any age. There is also no age limits on the photographer – all budding photographers are welcome to enter.

The winners will be announced at our AGM on 17 November, from 7.30pm at the Ngaio Union Church– there will be prizes for the winner of each section, and all entrants will receive a one year membership of NCDRA.

The photos will remain your property but by entering you agree that the NCDRA may display your entries with due accreditation at the AGM and in subsequent publicity.

The deadline for entries is Wednesday 10 November at 5.00pm – email them to photo@ngaio.org.nz.

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Wellington’s Draft District Plan

Wellington’s Draft District Plan – the City’s first fully revised planning rulebook in more than 20 years is now out for consultation.

The plan deals with the major planning and environmental issues facing the city – including housing supply, choice and affordability, protecting biodiversity, integrating growth and infrastructure, responding to climate change and managing the risk of natural hazards.

NCDRA want everyone to get to know what the plan contains, think about the plan, and tell Council what you think. NCDRA will be making a submission, but we think views will be so varied, that it is up to individuals to tell Council what you think, about the parts that interest you.

This Plan is going to set the direction for how Wellington will change in the next decade or two, and what it will be like for our children. We strongly recommend that our residents drop into the Councils roadshow that will be at Ngaio Town Hall, on Thursday 11 November, from 4pm – 7.30pm. Council will be there to take you through the plan and answer questions.

There are a couple of important web pages on the Councils site, for the district plan:

To learn about the plan, the consultation, and how to submit: – Draft District Plan (wellington.govt.nz)

For a schedule of all the roadshow events across Wellington: Upcoming Engagement and Consultation (wellington.govt.nz)

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Significant Natural Areas on private land in urban Wellington

In the draft district plan, which Council is consulting on at the moment, there are proposals to manage Significant Natural Areas (SNA), which will impact some individual property owners who have SNA’s on their land. This article has been written by one of our members, and we are posting it in order to keep our residents informed. It is not necessarily a view of NCDRA. NCDRA believes that views on the District Plan are so varied amongst our community, so it will be hard for us to make a representative submission on its content. We strongly recommend that residents make their own submission, so that you views are put in front of the Council.

Wellington City Council is consulting on its draft District Plan including proposed new rules for managing the effects of activities on indigenous biodiversity in the city.

Supporting this outcome Council has identified around 5,300 hectares (18.2% of Wellington’s total land) where it considers indigenous ecosystems and habitats have significant biodiversity values, calling these Significant Natural Areas (SNAs) in the draft District Plan. The SNAs encompass around 1,700 landowners, but these are expected to increase as Wellington’s indigenous biodiversity spreads and with it the SNAs expand.

In urban Wellington SNAs comprise about 3,300 hectares with less than 350 hectares of that land privately owned. Yet these private landowners account for over 83% of all SNA landowners across urban and rural Wellington.

While a 2019 report by Darroch to Council concluded SNAs would provide overall benefits to Wellingtonians for urban landowners with SNAs they could face significant land value losses of up to 30%.

Despite what the Backyard Tāonga[1] website suggests having a SNA is not voluntary, the only option available to landowners is a land review by the Council’s consultant. Council has engaged consultants to identify these SNAs with continuing significant expenditure on ecologists to detail why land is a SNA when questioned by landowners.

Following this consultation, Council will prepare the Proposed District Plan (due mid-2022). At that time some of the rules in this District Plan (such as SNAs) will have legal effect, despite further consultation being required.

Overview of the proposed SNA rules for urban landowners

Under the proposed SNA rules, private urban landowners will not be permitted to trim or fell any native trees on their SNA land, unless these are:

  • Encroaching on a formed public road or private accessway
  • Within three metres of the external wall or roof of a building
  • Required to comply with the Fire and Emergency Act 2017
  • Required to remove imminent threats caused by dead or dying trees (but will require an arborist to assist)
Landowners will be permitted to remove exotic trees, carry out pest control and plant eco-sourced local indigenous vegetation. But undertaking other activities (such as trimming other native trees or developing a vacant lot) on SNA land will require resource consent supported by an ecological assessment by a qualified ecologist.
The proposed rules will make it hard for private landowners to do anything other than watch native trees grow. There will be no rights to trim this bush to manage daylight and view shafts for social well-being, or to create simple things like a pathway. Even removing dead native trees will become difficult.

What can you do to help?

Urban SNA landowners need your support to challenge the Council’s intention to create SNAs on private urban land in the District Plan. If you are concerned about what’s being proposed there are two things you can do to help:

  1. Share this document widely with your family, neighbours, friends, work colleagues and acquaintances.
  2. If you are a Wellington City resident, make a submission on the draft District Plan by 14 December 2021.

If wanting to make a submission on SNAs this can easily be done by using one of the submission text options on this link and emailing that to planningforgrowth@wcc.govt.nz, or if making your own submission on the draft District plan, by including comments on the proposed SNA rules.

[1] Backyard Tāonga is the public facing name used by Council so as to limit using the term SNA

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DCM donations at Ngaio Going Carbon Neutral recycling days

This article was published in the Independant Herald, and is reprinted here as a reminder that We accept donations to DCM at the Ngaio Going Carbon Neutral recycling days, first Saturday of each month at Ngaio Union Church.

‘We knew the people of Ngaio Crofton Downs have big hearts and a will to help those who’re struggling’ says Sue Brown, Minister at Ngaio Union Church ‘but nothing prepared us for the huge response to our call-out last month to help restock DCM’s shelves after the Covid lock-down had nearly cleaned them out’.

‘We welcomed a steady stream of happy people carrying bags and boxes overflowing with groceries and toiletries, to help with DCM’s mahi (work) of ending homelessness in Wellington.’

The response to the appeal was so generous that Ngaio Union had to ask DCM to send along a van to carry the haul to where it’s needed, down at DCM’s headquarters in the city.

‘And so many people asked us if we could do this again’ says Sue ‘that we’ve decided to receive donations of food and toiletries on the first Saturday of each month, alongside the Recycling Collection Station we host together with Ngaio Crofton Downs Residents Association.’

Mahir receives a delivery at his front door courtesy of DCM

So, on the first Saturday of each month (beginning Saturday 6th November – 10-12) you can drop off groceries and donations for DCM at Ngaio Union Church.  Some of the items most needed are ready meals, soup, tinned fish, biscuits and crackers, tinned fruit, shampoo and conditioner, toilet paper – but any non-perishable food or basic toiletries are very welcome.

‘Why not slip a few extras into your shopping trolley or online order each week, and bring them down on the first Saturday of each month?’ says Sue ‘Together we can each do this small thing, that makes a huge difference in the life of someone who’s struggling to make ends meet.

‘And don’t forget to bring along your hard-to-recycle items to the Recycling Collection Station – toothbrushes, razors, metal & plastic bottle tops, batteries, wool scraps, curtains, glass jars. You can find more information about what we can collect at the Ngaio Crofton Downs Residents’ Association website.  More small steps we can each take, that together make a difference!

You can find Ngaio Union Church at the corner of Kenya Street and Crofton Road.

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Naylor Love Update: Bupa Care Facility, 122 Churchill Drive

We are heading into the last couple of months of the project and the interior of the buildings are mostly complete. The scaffolding has been removed and the landscaping work is progressing around site. The driveway is advancing well, with the exit ramp now in use.

The number of subcontractors on site will continue to decrease over the next month. This will mean less deliveries and fewer trucks causing traffic disruptions.

Unfortunately, we have had some security issues over the last month and now have a full-time guard based on site to monitor the building.

On Wednesday 17th November there will be some after-hours work, this will not be noisy works, as we will be completing the line marking of the driveway.

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National cat management petition

This petition has been brought to our attention, with the suggestion it is something our members should be aware of. NCDRA has no view on this matter, nor any association with the organisers. We are however happy to make our members aware of it so they can take any action they wish to.

The petition is that the House of Representatives pass legislation requiring all domestic cats to be registered via microchip to their legal owners, and to be desexed unless kept contained by registered cat breeders.

The petition has been raised with the aim that requiring cats to be registered and desexed will reduce their populations, enforce responsible cat ownership, and protect our wildlife.

Follow this link to the petition if you want more information – https://www.parliament.nz/en/pb/petitions/document/PET_102570/petition-of-erica-rowlands-mandate-the-registration-and. the petition closes 31 October 2021.

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Recycling under Covid Alert Level 2

Under alert level 2 we are able to run our recycling days, but there are protocols to be followed.

Please wear a mask, as you will be inside, and observe social distancing if others are recycling at the same time. There is a QR poster to scan in, or an attendance sheet to sign. A pathway is marked, to exit through the back door.

We strongly recommend sorting your recycling at home so that at the church you are able to quickly transfer it to the buckets.


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Recycling days are back on.

Our September recycling day became a victim of the increase in Wellington’s Covid-19 alert level, but the good news is we are back again this coming Saturday, the first Saturday of the month – 2 October, from 10am to noon. At the Ngaio Union Church, Crofton Road.

It is probably a good time to refresh what this programme is about – the original post on this programme is here – Ngaio Crofton Downs Going Carbon Neutral | Ngaio Crofton Downs Residents Association, with more detail on what can be collected.

We are working with the Sustainability Trust to collect the items below:

  • Plastic lids – The Tiny Plastic Factory recycles these – please read the note below about plastic lid recycling.
  • Metal Lids – these go to McAuley Metals, and include for eg Crown caps, metal screw tops, sparkling wine wires, metal jar lids, Ring-pull caps.
  • Razors etc – The Trust is a drop off point for the Gillette and Terracycle Recycling programme
  • Oral care – The Trust is a drop off point for the Colgate and Terraycle Oral Care Recycling programme. Make sure all excess product is removed, and that recycling is dry
  • Curtains – The Wellington Curtain Bank upcycles pre-loved curtains for those who need them. Must be mould free.
  • Wool – unwanted and untangled balls of wool are sent to Crafty Volunteers, who knit, crochet and sew for charity

Unfortunately, the Trust is now unable to accept pens for recycling as Terracycle are closing that option.

We also need to be more careful about what goes into the plastic lid collection. All items need to be type 2, 4 or 5 because of the recycling process, and unfortunately the amount of contaimination is increasing. The items below can not be recycled – so please make sure all caps are stamped with the numbers 2, 4 or 5.

Plastic lids that can’t be recycled:

– Any other small plastic items e.g. food pouch lids, dip lids, coffee cup lids ❌

– Lids with a thermal seal inside (often looks like a blue or white layer inside the lid) ❌

– Waxy paper inserts (please remove if you can, we can still recycle the lid) ❌

Good news:

We are able to make our monthly collection work with other collections that are already going on in our community. We collect

  • Bread bag tags, and
  • Dominion Post rubber bands

Which do not go into the Trust, but are passed directly on to local residents who are already collecting these items.

Community Fruit

We are really pleased to be able to support Community Fruit, who rescue backyard fruit, distributing it to those in need, through Kaibosh Food Rescue and local Foodbanks. We can collect glass jars on their behalf, but if you have any to bring in please make sure they are of the size below and resealable. For example –  marmite, vegemite or mustard jars all have plastic lids which can’t be sterilised. Baby food jars are a great size but the metal lids don’t reseal unfortunately.

The jars that Community Fruit have found to really hit the mark are those like PICs or Fix & Fogg peanut butter jars (380gm size or smaller), Countdown Signature range, Rose’s jam or marmalade jars (500gm) or Craig’s jam jars (375gm).

Drop them off at our recycling days, and they will get to Community Fruit to support their programme.

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