Submission on Council’s Long Term Plan

NCDRA has made a submission on the WCC Long Term Plan.

Our main points were:

    • supported substantial capital expenditure on infrastructure to increase resilience, particularly water security, but noted disappointment that resilience was treated solely as an infrastructure issue ;
    • supported Council’s plans to “streamline” the resource consenting process, providing that this was not to the detriment of the environment, existing residents’ rights, and the character of our suburbs;
    • listed parking and congestion as major local problems, and supported early delivery of the “Cycling Master Plan” as one way of reducing car use;
    • argued that for growth to be sustainable it must be inclusive, and that growth that leaves behind any groups within the community fails to meet their rights and creates problems for the future;
    • opposed building a convention centre as part of “sustainable growth”;
    • argued that proposed “Arts and Culture” initiatives must provide cultural benefit to the wider community through a greater focus on inclusiveness and equity of access.

A copy of the full submission is avalable from here (pdf file).

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