Parking spaces at the Chelmsford Reserve carpark.

Different views have been expressed about the number of cars that could park in the Chelmsford Reserve carpark.

To address this the sealed carpark area was measured. The diagram below shows one way in which 11 cars can be accommodated providing lines are painted and people park between the lines. Each park is 5 metres by 2.5 metres, the same size as in the Ngaio station carpark. The 9 metres between rows of parking spaces (9 metres) compares with between 7 and 10 metres in the Ngaio station carpark.

The diagram was produced by an amateur with no professional or WCC input.

It is noted that the sealed area of the carpark could be expanded over flat areas both to the left and at the other side of the entrance if 11 parking spaces turned out to be insufficient.