Tree Planting on Silversky Track, Crofton Downs, 9am to 12am, Saturday 19 June and 3 July, 2021

Around 300 trees in total have been ordered. About 150 trees will be delivered on the Friday before each planting day. Richard Grasse with help will lay out the trees in positions on the Friday, and we will plant them out on the Saturday. We will begin planting around 9am, and finish around midday, or so. Please bring a spade or grubber for digging the hole, and gloves for your hand protection. The planting areas are:

Saturday 19 June: at the top of Silversky, near the Transpower service road – access is via end of Downing St;

Saturday 3 July: at the entrance from Downing St – access is via end of Downing St;

There will be no planting at the bottom of Silversky, up from the ROW, which is now fully planted.

We will need to follow the WCC Covid19 plan for each planting. For this, I will record each attendant on a piece of paper, and each attendant should wear gloves. If you need a grubber, for example, please email me especially, and I will sanitise your handle. If you dont have gloves, please email, and I can supply some disposable gloves. Otherwise there is plenty of space for everyone, so please dont hold off because of concerns re the 1 or 2 metre rule. You should have gloves so that we dont get cross contamination when you handle the plants, etc.

If you are driving or walking, entry to Silversky track is at the end of Downing Street, up the Right of Way. Please do not park on the ROW which is private. Everyone is welcome. If you have not planted before, no problem, as lessons are available.

Hope you can make it, and that the weather is good for planting.


Graham Weir 027 472 4260

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