Ngaio Crofton Downs Going Carbon Neutral Recycling Day – on again this Saturday

The first Ngaio Crofton Downs Going Carbon Neutral Recycling Day was held on 5 June from 10am to 12am on 5th June at Ngaio Union Church. (see links at the end of this post for detail on what can be dropped off, and what happens to it)

Next collection day this Saturday 3 July, 10am to 12am at Ngaio Union Church

The two hours drop-off session attracted more than twenty groups, approximately 40 people, which was way beyond our expectation. People came with their families or by themselves, brought their collections and put them into the recycle buckets.

As shown on our website, we planned to collect plastic & metal lids, oral care, stationery, razors, wools, curtains and batteries. Look at how many we collected on the first day.

  • Metal caps – 3.6kg
  • Batteries – 3.2kg
  • Plastic caps – 1.775kg
  • Oral care – 1.28kg
  • Wool – 150g
  • Pens – 475g

We feel that this is a big achievement for our community first up, and will only grow as more people hear about our program! Obviously, the plastic & metal lids, oral care and batteries were the most popular recycling items because they were the daily consumption of each family.

We were so pleased by the many positive comments that the programme received, and that word of our programme had spread through our community. We received much positive feedback at the event and online, so  these collections are definitely continuing on the first Saturday of each Month.

We learnt that on one hand, the monthly drop-off opportunity would make the recycling easier for local residents. One gentleman told us that his family kept collecting plastic and metal lids and oral care items and this made it much easier than going into the city to deliver them to the Sustainability Trust. The local collection point makes it more convenient to recycle these small items.

We were also encouraged by the number of young people involved, all the way to one small girl who was sad to give up the pens they had collected. We hope that this collection will help educate our younger members about environmental awareness and community.

On Saturday, we enjoyed watching young kids being encouraged by their parents to learn the different categories of recycling and put the items into the right basket.

Also, people who missed the first drop-off opportunity let us now on-line online that they would definitely come to the next one which will be on 3rd July, 10am to 12am at Ngaio Union Church.

Please spread the news of this recycling action around your community. Let’s keep Ngaio Crofton Downs Going Carbon Neutral!

Please note that we have added two more categories to support collections that residents already have – we will also now collect tags from bread bags and rubber bands from delivered Dominion Posts (just those from around the newspaper – they are returned to Wellington Newspapers).





Useful Links:

  1. What can we recycle 
  2. What happens to the collections
  3. More information on the Sustainability Trust
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