August Update: Bupa Care Facility at 122 Churchill Drive

We continue to post here the regular updates provided by Naylor Love for residents in the near proximity to the Bupa Care Facility being built at 122 churchill Dr

“We have now finished the structure and roof of the pool, and throughout this month we will continue to work through the landscaping in both courtyards and around the building. The scaffolding is continuing to be dismantled, the majority of the scaffolding will be gone by the end of this month as we complete the façade.

Last month, our Naylor Love team spent an hour around the Crofton Downs area, collecting as much rubbish as we could find. We managed to fill 14 bags worth of litter, and we will be organising another clean-up towards the end of the project.

At this point in the project, you will start seeing a slow decrease in subcontractor numbers on site as we get closer to the end of the job”.


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