Next Recycling Day 2 June

Our next recycling day will be on 2 July, 10am to noon at the Ngaio Union Church.

This month, in addition to our regular collections, we will also be collecting ewaste.

Ewaste does not include TV’s and monitors, but what we can accept includes:

  • mobile phones and cell phones
  • small household electrical appliances
  • computers, laptops, tablets
  • drills, regulators
  • garden and power tools
  • home entertainment equipment
  • printers and scanners

A reminder that what we collect each month is:

  • Plastic lids type 2 – must have the type 2 recycling symbol marked.
  • Plastic lids type 5 – must have the type 5 recycling symbol marked.
  • Metal Lids
  • Razors and shaving equipment
  • Colgate only oral care products and packaging
  • Household and hearing aid batteries.
  • Curtains – mould free.
  • Unused balls of wool
  • Bread bag tags.
  • Rubber bands from delivered Dominion Posts
  • Tetrapaks – dry and clean

More information on what we collect – and the monthly schedule are on our post which is here: What do we collect for recycling? | Ngaio Crofton Downs Residents Association

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