Rates Rebates New Form Project

The Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) has been in touch with Residents Associations because it is looking for people to assist with their redesigning of their Rates Rebates application form.

A rates rebate is a partial rebate paid by Government for eligible, low-income ratepayers who pay rates on their home to the council. This project is about redesigning the application forms for 2023-24 to make them easier to complete and ensure they provide all information required.

The purpose of user testing these forms is to ensure that the right information is on the forms as well as making it simpler for the user to fill out with minimal support. The Rates Rebates team have been redesigning the form and are now ready to share it further with the public to get their thoughts on the design.

They are looking for eligible ratepayers who are interested in user testing the new form design. The research session will have a focus on looking and filling out the form and your experience going through it.

There will be a structured session which will take about 1 hour and it can either be at a neutral space e.g. cafe, library, or your home, depending on what space you’re comfortable being in. DIA will give you a $50 voucher as koha for your time. We’re looking to carry out the user testing around early/mid April 2023.

If you’re interested in participating or want more information, get in touch with the project manager Justine Ledesma, at Justine.Ledesma@dia.govt.nz.

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