Should the Dog Exercise Area in Cummings Park be retained or closed?

The future of the Dog Exercise Area (DEA) in Cummings Park is an issue over which there are differing views. This was clear both from a 2015 workshop held by the Ngaio Crofton Downs Residents Association (NCDRA )to develop a vision for the Park, and from submissions to the 2016 Dog Policy Review conducted by the Wellington City Council (WCC). In both cases there were people arguing that the DEA should be kept while others argued that it should be closed. We are inviting you to participate in helping our community come to a decision.

NCDRA does not have a position on the future of the Cummings Park DEA, but wishes to see the issue resolved as part developing a vision for the Park. While some of our members hold strong views on both sides of the issue, NCDRA sees its role as facilitating a decision that best represents the views of an informed community.

One outcome of the Dog Policy Review was an agreement by Councillors to consider, after community consultation conducted by NCDRA, whether there was a case for closing the DEA in Cummings Park. WCC has agreed to conduct an online survey on behalf of NCDRA as part of the community consultation. This survey gathers a variety of information on the use of the DEAs in and around Ngaio, as well as views specifically about the Cummings Park DEA. The survey report prepared by WCC will be a public document which will be used to inform further consultation.

We urge you to consider the reasons for and against closing the DEA in Cummings Park and then to complete the survey. In general these reasons and the arguments made against them should be considered as opinions expressed by a range of both supporters and opponents of closing the DEA.

To see the reasons given by those wanting to keep or close the Cummings Park DEA please click each of the options below. You will be able to return here from the one you look at first so you can look at the other one, or to complete the survey.

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