5 Ways to Well Being Course

The Water Cooler – a new meetup and networking opportunity for people who work from home – is developing well say Sue Brown and Alyson Howell from Ngaio Union Church. ‘We’ve welcomed people who’re lawyers, artists, planners, designers and more.’ they say. Both Alyson and Sue work from home and know that as well as being flexible and practical, this brings its challenges.

‘Some days you just want to have some colleagues around you to bounce ideas off’ says Sue ‘and then there’s the sausage rolls, the quiz and the Christmas celebrations you don’t get invited to’. ‘But, critically, you also miss out on professional development and growth opportunities that are part of working in a larger organisation’ adds Alyson. ‘Fortunately, we can help with that too!’

Alyson regularly leads wellbeing courses in corporate and government workplaces, including ‘5 Ways to Wellbeing’ – a 90 minute course designed by the Mental Health Foundation and based on excellent well researched guidelines. ‘Building resilience’ is even more important in a one-person business’ says Sue.

So on Thursday [10] October, Ngaio Union will offer this empowering and practical course for people who work from home. It starts 11am, so why not come and share a coffee and some company at The Water Cooler (starts at 10.30) first, before the learning begins?

To find out more, and to register for the 10 October ‘5 Ways to Wellbeing’ course, contact Alyson on 027 242 6242.

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