Why Chelmsford Reserve IS NOT a suitable alternative DEA to Cummings Park

NOTE: The “reasons” are as provided by those arguing that the Chelmsford Reserve IS NOT a suitable alternative DEA. The “arguments against the reasons” are as provided by those disagreeing. Neither in any way represent the views of the Ngaio Crofton Downs Residents Association which has adopted a neutral position.

Information provided to NCDRA from WCC has been made available to those both wishing to keep or close the Cummings Park DEA to use as they see fit.

 ReasonArgument Against The Reason
1The Chelmsford Reserve DEA is not user-friendly. It is too open, exposed to the elements and lacks shade. It doesn’t have good lines of sight or a water source.See the arguments on the page giving reasons why the Chelmsford Reserve IS a suitable alternative to Cummings Park.
2The Chelmsford Reserve DEA is too small for the current numbers using Cummings Park, let alone combining these numbers with current Chelmsford DEA users.It is as big as to the Cummings Park DEA, and little used as a DEA at present.
3The Chelmsford Reserve DEA has porous boundaries and lacks suitable fencing. There is nothing to stop dogs from running onto busy Chelmsford and Heke Streets.NCDRA has received the following information from WCC: “Additional fencing at Chelmsford Reserve DEA could be considered”.
4The Chelmsford Reserve DEA lacks lighting and seating.The Cummings Park DEA also lacks lighting. More seating could readily be provided at Chelmsford.
5The Chelmsford Reserve is less safe than Cummings Park, being frequented by youth in cars, sometimes with alcohol and drugs.There are houses nearby and overlooking the spaces dogs are likely to be exercised. It would be safer if used by more people exercising dogs.Youth in cars are less likely to be there during daylight hours when people are exercising dogs.
6The Chelmsford Reserve DEA lacks Cummings Park’s central location.Both DEAs are of similar distance to the Ngaio Town Hall. Many drive to DEAs anyway.
7The Chelmsford Reserve DEA does not have a stream where dogs can hydrate and cool off in summer, and has no water supply.Trelissick Park has a stream for those who want access to water for off-leash dogs.It is common for DEAs not to have a water supply for dogs.
8The Chelmsford Reserve DEA lacks adequate parking. It also lacks turning space, given the one way access. The off-road carpark has space for about 11 cars. Click here (opens in new window) to see how this can work. This is effectively more parking than Cummings Park at most times because of lack of competition from other carpark users.
NCDRA has received the following information from WCC: “The carpark at Cummings Park is privately owned, and Council can’t guarantee future use”.
9The Chelmsford Reserve has difficult car access because of the blind corner on Chelmsford Street. A particularly dangerous situation would be created if a car wanting to enter the Reserve just after coming round the blind corner met a car about to exit. This would be even worse if several cars were waiting to exit as reversing there is difficult.
Expecting cars to turn left and drive further ignores human behaviour which is to take the more direct route.
The Reserve can always be accessed by turning left, if necessary by preceding it with a U-turn in the Ngaio station carpark. It can also be safely exited to the left. Exiting left adds only 2-3 minutes driving time to Ngaio’s main intersections. Click here (opens in new window) to see the details.
10The Chelmsford Reserve has difficult car access because of the blind corner on the road from Chelmsford St to the carpark.The blind corner can readily be widened to 6 metres to allow passing in both directions by removing vegetation overgrowing the road on the left and moving the footpath about 1.5 metres to the right (there is space for this).
11The Chelmsford Reserve is not easily accessible by walking for the elderly, the less mobile, and those with infants as it involves a substantial uphill climb. It also may involve crossing Chelmsford St near a blind corner.Most of those mentioned, if able to walk to Cummings Park, would probably also be able to walk to the Chelmsford Reserve. Crossing Chelmsford St can be avoided by approaching from the station carpark after crossing Collingwood Street at the Town Hall or Waikowhai Street on the pedestrian crossing.
12People from eastern Ngaio would be unwilling to walk all the way up to the Chelmsford Reserve.Both DEA's are a similar distance from south-eastern Ngaio such as Kenya Street. Chelmsford is closer than Cummings Park for a large chunk of western Ngaio.
13Proximately to private dwellings (closer than at Cummings Park) is a problem as barking may disturb residents, and several houses have cats which dogs might chase. There are also people living close to the Cummings Park DEA.
14Chelmsford would need improvements provided by WCC. Why should our rates be increased to pay for this when at Cummings Park we already have a perfectly suitable DEA?Maintenance of the turf at the Cummings Park DEA, generally twice a year, is a cost to ratepayers.
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