Recycling 2024 – starts Saturday 3 February

Saturday 3 February will be our first recycling day of the year – 10am to noon at Ngaio Union Church, Crofton Road.

Below is a refresher on the items that we collect, and a couple of requests to make the programme more enjoyable for the volunteers:

How to recycle with us

  1. If your recycling can go in the roadside collection – please use that.
  2. From time to time we pick up recycling that is left at the church door. That is fine if you are unable to get to the hall during our recycling hours, but only leave there on Saturday morning, make sure it is secure (will not blow away), and that items are separated so we can tip them straight into our collection buckets.
  3. Please separate the plastic lids into type 2 and type 5. Anything not marked, or other numbers will not be accepted for recycling
  4. Tetrapaks have turned into our biggest collection by volume – please make sure they are clean and dry, and if possible slit open and laid flat
  5. These instructions are to help everyone – recycling is not just throwing out rubbish – following these simple instructions means less work for our volunteers and makes life more pleasant (there have been  some nasty surprises amongst the tetrapaks!)

What we take each month includes:

  • Plastic lids type 2. These lids must be marked with the type 2 recycling symbol.
  • Plastic lids type 5. These lids must be marked with the type 5 recycling symbol.
  • Metal Lids etc –including for eg Crown caps, metal screw tops, sparkling wine wires, metal jar lids, ring-pull caps.
  • Household and hearing aid batteries.
  • Oral care products and packaging from Colgate (is sent back to Colgate). Does not include electric toothbrush heads).
  • Curtains – must be mould free so they can be re-purposed.
  • Wool – balls of wool which Crafty Volunteers, can use in their knitting for charity.
  • Rubber bands from delivered The Posts – which are returned to The Post

Additional Collections

Each month we have one additional collection so plan ahead for these collections for the rest of the year. The February collection will be of other small metal items. To see the complete schedule for 2024, follow this link – Recycling Schedule for 2024:

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