Thorndon Quay Works

This update about the construction in Thorndon Quay has come from Wellington City Council (abridged).

The Thorndon Quay upgrade stretches from the Bunny St intersection to 87 Hutt Road (near Gun City). We’re working in sections so it will be less disruptive for businesses and traffic.

We will finish in June 2025. This map (below) shows how we have divided the route into 13 areas.  We’ll usually be working in two areas at a time during the day and in other areas at night. There will be signalised pedestrian crossings in areas 4, 6, 8, 9 and 13. These need cabling and power to operate the signals and integrate them into the city-wide traffic monitoring system, so there’ll be more work here than in other areas.  

In area 11 (at the intersection of Tinakori Road and Thorndon Quay) there will be all-new traffic signals, and in area 2 at the Mulgrave Street intersection we will upgrade the existing signals and crossings.  

There will be some temporary bus stops during construction, but services won’t be affected.   

The new cycle way on the seaward side of Thorndon Quay connects to the existing cycleway on Hutt Road. You’ll use the seaward side to go both north and south. You’ll need to keep a good lookout and be courteous to pedestrians as they cross the cycleway from cars into businesses.    

A priority bus lane will operate in peak weekday commuting times – from 6.30 to 9.30am heading into the city. A bus lane outbound is planned to start operating about two years later. This would likely be from 4.00 to 6:30pm, but we will assess this closer to the time.

Read more about consultation on this project and how decisions were reached.

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