July Recycling at Ngaio Union Church

This Saturday is first of the month – so its recycling time again, from 10am to 12 noon at Ngaio Union Church.

Good news – we can recycle shaving products again – all brands of disposable shavers, including blades and razors (refillable and disposable products, replaceable-blade cartridge units), and rigid plastic packaging. Please not cardboard packaging – that can go kerbside.

We are also collecting Nespresso coffee capsules each month as these go to a recycle collection station in Wellington City. Other capsules remain on the schedule to be collected every few months, as I need to have a few kg to courier to their respective programmes. Another addition is on the months that we collect the other coffee capsules, Robert Harris is now included.

Remember too that we are always looking for cardboard cartons in good order. We use these to drop our collection to the sustainability trust, and increasingly to courier collections to Terracycle. An ideal size is a box with sides of around half a meter. Boxes that meal kits are delivered in (Hello Fresh or My Food Bag for example) are handy too.

Here is the full and updated list of what we collect each month.

  • Plastic lids type 2. These lids must be marked with the type 2 recycling symbol.
  • Plastic lids type 5. These lids must be marked with the type 5 recycling symbol.
  • Metal Lids etc –including for eg Crown caps, metal screw tops, sparkling wine wires, metal jar lids, ring-pull caps.
  • Household and hearing aid batteries.
  • Oral care products and packaging from Colgate (is sent back to Colgate, so please – Colgate mteril only). Does not include electric toothbrush heads.
  • Shaving equipment – disposable razors and plastic packaging
  • Curtains – must be mould free so they can be re-purposed.
  • Nespresso aluminium coffee pods
  • Wool – balls of wool which Crafty Volunteers, can use in their knitting for charity.
  • Rubber bands from delivered The Posts – which are returned to The Post

Each month we have one additional collection so plan ahead for these collections for the rest of the year. This month we are taking car batteries, The complete schedule for the rest of 2024, is below:

6 July
Car batteries (must be clean dry and not leaking).
3 August
Food Grade Silicon
7 September
Ewaste (small and medium devices and appliances excluding TVs and monitors).
5 October
Coffee Capsules – Start collecting your coffee capsules for recycling. We will be accepting capsules which are sent to three separate programmes, so they will need to be separated into these three lots:
– Nespresso,
– Nescafé® Dolce Gusto®
– L’OR, Moccona, illy or Jed’s coffee
2 November
Small Metal items (aluminium, copper + other metals) must be clean and dry, and small means they fit into a supermarket bag.
7 December
Car batteries (must be clean dry and not leaking).
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