Latest update on Te Ara Tupua

This update on Te Ara Tupua has come from Waka Kotahi

If you’ve been traveling on rail or road, you may have seen the first of six vertical seawalls on the western end of Pito-One foreshore. These vertical seawalls are part of the 3.5km stretch of new coastline being constructed to improve the resilience of the road and rail. Work on the entire new coastal edge is progressing well: out of the 6,700 x-shaped units required to form parts of the new coastal edge, we have placed 1,898 units.

Last Friday we finished installing the 56 reef units. This initiative mitigates the loss of rocky reef habitat caused by constructing the new resilient coastal edge, and is required to meet conditions imposed on the project.

Last week was also National Volunteer Week. Our teams caught up with various community groups who volunteer within the Hutt Valley, to understand the mahi that they have been dedicated to, to protect the natural environment including Friends of Petone Beach and Keep Hutt Valley Beautiful.

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