Wanted: people to monitor noisy Johnsonville trains at night

Murray King is working with the Regional Council to reduce the train squeal on the Johnsonville line. They are trialling reduced train speed after 10pm and want people who live close to the line in Crofton Downs and Ngaio to provide feedback.

During April all trains after 10pm will travel from Crofton Downs to north of Box Hill at 20km/h. Later in the trial they may increase the speed to30 km/h to see if that makes a difference. They chose the night trains because the noise at night is particularly disturbing and because there will be fewer passengers delayed by the change.

Let Murray know what you think the trial has brought about in terms of noise. Let him know where where you live along the Line, as well as your approximate distance from the track and a brief description of the noise. Let him know when you think the train noise is particularly bad and whether slower trains at night are making a difference. Don’t wait until the end of the trial to give feedback as he is happy to receive frequent emails.

E-mail him at murray.king@xtra.co.nz to let him know what you think.

Trains in Ngaio 2012

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