Why 131 Silverstream Rd shouldn’t be a special housing area

The land at the end of Silverstream Rd, Crofton Downs, is on Wellington City Council’s nominated list of special housing areas around the city. This means that, for the land confirmed as special housing areas, Council speeds up the resource consent process and limits notification to immediate neighbours. Members of the community aren’t notified or consulted before work begins.

Crofton Downs resident, Andrew McLellan is making an oral presentation to a full Council meeting on Wednesday, 8 April 5:30 pm, explaining why he opposes the inclusion of 131 Silverstream Road as a special housing area. Ngaio Crofton Downs Residents Association supports his views.

Silverstream Rd

Silverstream Rd

131 Silverstream Road is surrounded on 3 sides by the Outer Green Belt and is close to Huntleigh Park. There are issues around the environment, earth stability, recreational access and infrastructure that need to be addressed.

It has a special appendix in Council’s District Plan.

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