NCDRA Submission – draft Spatial Plan

NCDRA has submitted its submission on the draft spatial plan. Thanks to everyone who offered a comment on the submission. One of the difficulties in making a submission like this, is reflecting members views when they are very diverse. we had comments back stating that e were not strong enough, that we got it just right, and that we were too strong in our wording. the full submission can be downloaded here – Full Submission

The feeling of the executive was very much that the given the mandatory requirements of the National Policy Statement, the draft spatial plan is OK. this does not take away that the community has reservations about the NPS provisions (enable at least 6 storey buildings in certain areas and remove parking requirements), however a submission on the spatial plan is not the place to question the NPS, or the classification of Johnsonville Railway as rapid transit (The Ministry for the Environment has confirmed this intent to WCC).

In our verbal submission we will be stressing these points, and expressing our view that the District Plan (which gives effect to the spatial plan) must be clear and strong in making sure that it delivers not only quality building, but also quality community. WCC must uphold the District Plan – and not extend “compliance discretion” which many residents feel is given far too leniently at present.

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