New access way to Trelissick Park from Oban Street

Have your say on a new access way to Trelissick Park from Oban Street.

The Council wants to make a decision on the use of an access way from 112a Oban Street, using a right-of-way between two houses. This would lead to a track down to a new footbridge across Kaiwharawhara Stream.

They are seeking feedback from those who would be impacted by and/or use an access way into Trelissick Park at this location.

If you would like to have your say, please fill out the Wellington City Council’s short online survay at The deadline for this survey is 29 October 2018.

The Residents Association’s role is to ensure that all residents are informed of issues such as this. We urge you to complete the survey so that WCC can make an informed decision which reflects community wishes, either for or against. The Trelissick Park group supports this new acces way, and they have further information on their website at

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Public Meeting at Khandallah – Wellington Bus System

A meeting for public transport users in Ngaio, Crofton Downs, Khandallah, Broadmeadows and surrounding areas will be held this Tuesday, 4 September, from 7:30pm at the Khandallah Town Hall and Cornerstone Community Centre, 11 Ganges Road.

This meeting is part of a series around the suburbs of Wellington, for residents  to find out from Greater Wellington Regional Council (Metlink) about the new bus services in the area, what changes are in store, and provide direct feedback.

The Khandallah meeting is the opportunity for the Greater Wellington Regional Council to hear from the Northern Suburbs community about any issues we are facing with the new bus system which came into effect in July

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Consultation on Proposed New Rules for NCDRA

We  are looking to replace the Association’s Rules at our AGM in November this year, and this is the first round of consulting with our members on the proposed new Rules. We would love to have your comments, even if it is only to say you are happy with the proposed changes or think we should stick with the old Rules.

A copy of the proposed new Rules is available at this link, and a copy of the current Rules (dated 2013) is available at this link.

The major changes are in clauses 3, 6, 8, 11, 12, 21 and 25 of the new Rules.

The significant changes are:

Officers: We are proposing that the old officers (President, two Vice-Presidents, Secretary and Treasurer) be replaced by Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and optionally Deputy Chair (11.1).

Election of Officers: We are proposing that only the Chair and committee members are elected at AGMs, with the Secretary, Treasurer and (optionally) Deputy Chair being appointed by the committee from among its members at its first meeting following the AGM (12.1).

Life Vice-Presidents: are no longer provided for in the draft new Rules.

Purposes of the Association: (replacing “Aims”) have been rewritten, with the most significant change being to the first purpose (previously “to foster a healthy public spirit …” ) which becomes “to foster an inclusive and resilient community in Ngaio and Crofton Downs, with a strong community spirit” (3.1)

Auditing: The new Rules no longer require that the annual accounts be audited. Under the new proposal the Committee approves the annual financial statements and a review or audit of the accounts is conducted if requested by 20% of members (21.0).

Conflict of interest: directs how this is to be managed at committee meetings (15.4).

Membership: Clarifies membership eligibility by defining “residents” (25.1(d)), and clarifies voting entitlement (one vote per annual subscription paid) (8.2).

We regarded some of the language in the old Rules as outdated and have rewritten much of the document.

Comments on this first draft need to be emailed to us by Friday 31 August so they can be considered at our Committee meeting on 5 September.

John White
Ngaio Crofton Downs Residents Association

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New Bus timetable from 15 July 2018

Everyone should be aware that there are changes happening to the Wellington bus network from 15 July 2018.

Keep an eye out for information in your letter box from the Wellington City Council, which explains the changes and shows the bus routes in our area.

Information on the changes is available from Metlink at these pages:

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Street names in Crofton Downs

In December last year our Association was invited by WCC to suggest names for streets in the new Silverstream Road subdivision. We have  had good success with the first of the street names to be  Pihipihi lane following our suggestion for  Te Reo bird names.

This decision was reported in the Dominion Post, and the original  article is available at

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Submission on Council’s Long Term Plan

NCDRA has made a submission on the WCC Long Term Plan.

Our main points were:

    • supported substantial capital expenditure on infrastructure to increase resilience, particularly water security, but noted disappointment that resilience was treated solely as an infrastructure issue ;
    • supported Council’s plans to “streamline” the resource consenting process, providing that this was not to the detriment of the environment, existing residents’ rights, and the character of our suburbs;
    • listed parking and congestion as major local problems, and supported early delivery of the “Cycling Master Plan” as one way of reducing car use;
    • argued that for growth to be sustainable it must be inclusive, and that growth that leaves behind any groups within the community fails to meet their rights and creates problems for the future;
    • opposed building a convention centre as part of “sustainable growth”;
    • argued that proposed “Arts and Culture” initiatives must provide cultural benefit to the wider community through a greater focus on inclusiveness and equity of access.

A copy of the full submission is avalable from here (pdf file).

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Should the Dog Exercise Area in Cummings Park be kept or closed?

We, the Ngaio Crofton Downs Residents Association, will this year be consulting with our community about the future of the Dog Exercise Area (DEA) in Ngaio’s Cummings Park. To prepare for this Wellington City Council (WCC) is helping by conducting an online survey closing on 30 June. The results will provide input into later community consultation.

The survey now has a new question. You may wish to repeat the survey if you previously completed and submitted it before 19 May


If you completed the online survey before 19 May …

The online survey has recently been updated with a further question about Cummings Park, and its closing date extended until 30 June. For this reason, if you completed the survey before Saturday 19 May you may wish to repeat it. We apologise to those of you who end up doing it twice. We are a voluntary organisation and it has taken time to prepare the information about issues to consider.

If the WCC research team detects that one person appears to have answered the survey more than once they may randomly select just one set of answers. If you are repeating the survey it is therefore important you do one of the following to ensure they select the answers you want them to.

  • If you previously completed the survey and you want to replace your previous answers, please complete the survey again in full and put “REPLACEMENT” in the box that asks about Café Villa answers just before “Finish”. This will ensure your most recent answers are included in the analysis.
  • If you previously completed the survey and you just want to add your responses to the new Cummings Park question select “None of the above” for questions 1A and 2A, then complete the remainder of the survey and put “UPDATE” in the box that asks about Café Villa just before “Finish”.
  • If you previously completed the survey and you want to add one or more comments in addition to previous answers, do the survey again without adding any comments except those that are new, then put “NEW COMMENT” in the box that asks about Café Villa just before “Finish”.


Background to the Survey All the reasons to KEEP the Cummings Park DEA All the reasons to CLOSE the Cummings Park DEA The 9 top reasons to KEEP the Cummings Park DEA The 9 top reasons to CLOSE the Cummings Park DEA COMPLETE THE SURVEY


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Ngaio Community Picnic 2018

Enhancing a sense of community

Ngaio Community Picnic 2018 will be held at Cummings Park on Sunday 11 March, 12pm – 3pm. Come along and meet fellow locals, enjoy stalls, entertainment and games, and grab a bite to eat or bring your own picnic. We look forward to seeing you there!

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A Community Vision for Cummings Park

In October 2015 the Ngaio Crofton Downs Residents Association held a workshop to begin the process of developing a community vision for Cummings Park in the heart of Ngaio.

The full report of this workshop is available here Cummings Park Vision.

Little progress was made during 2016 because of the limited availability of some key people. This has now changed and the Association plans to complete the process during 2017.

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Ngaio Neighbours Day Picnic

Cummings Park

Sunday 5 March 2017

Meet the locals, enjoy the stalls, the entertainment and have fun with the games and spot prizes. There will also be a sausage sizzle, you will hear about Ngaio kaka and see creepy crawlies through the microscope… and much more!!

All welcome to join the fun
Organised by the Ngaio Crofton Downs Residents Association and supported by Ngaio businesses.

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