Recycling day June 2022

This Saturday is recycling day again – time to clear your drawers of your collection over the last month!

A reminder that what we collect each month is:

  • Plastic lids type 2 – must have the type 2 recycling symbol marked.
  • Plastic lids type 5 – must have the type 5 recycling symbol marked.
  • Metal Lids
  • Razors and shaving equipment
  • Oral care products and packaging (Please note, from next month we will only be able to recycle Colgate product – now is a good time to clear out anything else).
  • Household and hearing aid batteries.
  • Curtains – mould free.
  • Unused balls of wool
  • Bread bag tags.
  • Rubber bands from delivered Dominion Posts

A new addition to our list each month is tetrapacks – these are taken and processed into wall boards, so an exciting addition to our collection. Please make sure they are empty clean and dry.

We also have a schedule of larger items that we will collect each month, and June is the month for small metal items. Aluminium, copper, steel and all other metals accepted. Please make sure these are clean and dry. Small means they fit into a supermarket bag. Next month we will be accepting ewaste items, which we will take to the recycle shop at Wellingtons landfill (not TV’s and monitors).

More information on what we collect – and the monthly schedule are on our post which is here: What do we collect for recycling? | Ngaio Crofton Downs Residents Association

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Wadestown Road Closure

This in from the Council, advising of upcoming tree removal work on Wadestown Road.

The first phase of work is set to start on Monday 13 June and be completed on Friday 17 June. The road may also be closed on Monday 20 June if delays occur.  The work is to remove five Pine and Macrocarpa trees because they pose a high risk to the road.

This work forms part of Wellington City Council’s ongoing programme of high-risk tree removals from the Town Belt.

Work hours and access

To complete this work, part of Wadestown road will be closed between 8am and 4pm each day starting from Monday 13 June to Friday 17 June (and potentially Monday 20 June). The alternative route will be via Lennel Rd and Grosvenor Terrace.

Pedestrians and cyclists should avoid the closed area as there may be long waiting periods while the crane is in operation.

Pedestrians will be able to be escorted through the work site if required. Cyclists should either dismount and walk through the pedestrian walkway or follow the alternative route.

For more information contact our contractor, Terry O’Rourke (Treescape) on 021 970 410.

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Track Planting- Silversky track

Diarise Saturday 18 and 25 June as planting dates for Silversky track, between 9 and 12am. All volunteers are welcome.

Both plantings are at the top of Silversky track, where it meets the Transpower service road. Park at the end of Downing St, and walk up the ROW to Silversky track, then up to the service road.

There are 210 trees ordered for 18 June, and 90 for 25 June. The trees will have been laid out in position on the preceding Friday.

As usual, please bring gloves, spades, etc. Some grubbers and gloves will be available. If you are new to planting, our local expert Richard Grasse is available with a ready lesson.

Hoping to see you, and that the weather is OK,

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Ferry terminal redevelopment

New Interislander ferry

While this is outside of our area, our members may become aware of work happening at the ferry terminal site in future nights. As part of the ferry terminal redevelopment work, project engineers will be checking for underground services (pipes and wires) that might need shifting before construction work starts later this year.  

They will be looking for services throughout the Wellington terminal operational area, including carparking and rental vehicle areas, KiwiRail marshalling yards and on the CentrePort land adjacent to the Kaiwharawhara stream bridge.  

Local contractors JFC have been engaged to do the work. They will use a method called ‘hydrovac excavation’ to create a hole and vacuum out the material so that surveyors can confirm the exact location of services. The hole is filled back in and tidied before moving onto the next location.  

Work will be coordinated with CentrePort Wellington, Interislander and KiwiRail with a traffic controller in place to assist with pedestrian and vehicle coordination. None of this work is on public roads. Around 19 holes will be excavated with each taking a few hours to complete.  The team expects to have all the work finished within three weeks.   

This in-ground investigation work requires some overnight work which will take place overnight (8pm – 6am) on Thursday 2 June and Thursday 9 June.

If you want to follow this project – there is a website at Wellington — New Interislander (

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What do we collect for recycling?

We really enjoy the programme, and meeting our neighbours who come to be part of it. It is really helpful for us when everyone sorts their recycling properly and only bring items that we accept.

But please remember – recycling is not just getting rid of rubbish – it is actively sorting the items, so that the recyclers receive what they are set up to process and are therefore able to efficiently prepare it for reuse.

Our programme started as a way to collect items from our members, that are recycled through the Wellington Sustainability Trust. Its not always feasible to run a few metal caps into the city, but if we can collect recycling here from across the suburbs, then we quickly get enough to make a run into town. worthwhile. While we have aimed to keep the regular collection at a level that can be easily managed by a small team of volunteers, we are also keen to expand the items we collect.

We are therefore now starting a schedule of collecting larger items, one type each month, that our group can manage to get to appropriate recycling programmes. This schedule is below in this post. Please note that we will only be able to accept these items in the month that they are scheduled.

It is also a good time to update our information on what it is that we are able to accept for recycling, as there have been several changes over the last year. The Sustainability Trust has made some changes as processors come and go, and we have been happy to add other collections that are already happening locally that we can work in with.

What we accept for recycling each month

  • Plastic lids type 2. These lids must be marked with the type 2 recycling symbol. Anything without a symbol will need to be sent with your household rubbish. The plastics will need to be separated into individual buckets, so we do recommend separating at home.
  • Plastic lids type 5. These lids must be marked with the type 5 recycling symbol. As above the type 5 plastics will be separated into individual buckets, so we do recommend separating at home.
  • Metal Lids –including for eg Crown caps, metal screw tops, sparkling wine wires, metal jar lids, ring-pull caps.
  • Razors and shaving equipment including blades, blade cartrdiges, refillable or disposable razors and packaging
  • Oral care products and packaging including brushes, floss containers, tubes. Make sure excess product is removed, and that all is dry. Electric toothbrush heads are not recyclable.
  • Household and hearing aid batteries.
  • Curtains – must be mould free so they can be re-purposed.
  • Wool balls of wool which Crafty Volunteers, can use in their knitting for charity.
  • Bread bag tags.
  • Rubber bands from delivered Dominion Posts

Schedule of larger item collections for 2022:

  • 7 May

Car batteries (must be clean dry and not leaking)

  • 4 June

Small Metal items (aluminium, copper + other metals) must be clean and dry, and fit into a supermarket bag.

  • 2 July

Ewaste (small and medium devices and appliances excluding TVs and monitors.)

  • 6 August

Food Grade Silicon

  • 3 September

Coffee Capsules – Start collecting your coffee capsules for recycling. We will be accepting capsules which are sent to three separate programmes, so they will need to be separated into these three lots:

  • Nespresso,
  • Nescafé® Dolce Gusto®, and
  • L’OR, Moccona, illy or Jed’s coffee
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Design a Metlink Bus – deadline 19 May

Metlink has a new ‘Design a Metlink Bus’ colouring competition, after it was so successful last year.

The competition is open to all tamariki aged 4 to 18 years of age and closes at 5pm on 19 May. Metlink wants to see how they’d design one of the Metlink buses, showing what they love most about the Wellington Region.

Six winners will be picked by a panel to have their designs featured on buses all over the region – from Wellington City, right through to the Wairarapa and Kāpiti Coast.

How to enter: Simply download an entry form, which contains a template which can be coloured in and designed for both single and double decker buses. Then get creative! Remember to show what you love most about the wider Wellington Region!

Submit your entry! Post your entry by mail, or drop it to a Greater Wellington Regional Council office (listed on the entry form).

More information, and the entry forms are available from Metlink design a bus

Good luck!

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March Recycling Day

The recycling programme which is being run by NCDRA and the Ngaio Union Church is undergoing some change that we want everyone to be aware of.

Due to the major work being carried out on the church buildings, the church is currently not available for collections. We will however have a car parked at the site if the weather permits, at the normal time of 10.00am to 12 noon, Saturday 5 March (first Saturday of the Month) and will be taking your collections from there.

We do suggest that your items are sorted at home, just to reduce any congestion at the collection.

Sorting plastic lids

The processor of the recycled plastic lids has also changed to Aotearoa NZ Made and along with this change we now only collect plastics which are labelled 2 or 5, and these must be separated. We have separate containers for each plastic type.

Any lids which are not clearly marked with the recycling number, will unfortunately need to be sent to rubbish in your household collection.

Some good news for batteries – Wellington City Council are trialing a scheme for recycling household batteries. Unfortunately, despite verbal support for our activities, the Council did not include us in the collection points and supporting publicity. However for a short time at least, we are able to take household batteries without asking for a Koha to cover costs, and we will take these to a collection point on behalf of our members.

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Update – Ferry Terminal Redevelopment

Impression of a new ferry in Wellington Harbour

KiwiRail has received approval for the Te Whanganui-a-Tara Wellington Ferry Terminal Redevelopment project to be considered under the COVID-19 (Fast Track) Act 2020 Consenting process. This provides an alternative consenting pathway for the resource consent, but the proposed redevelopment still had to meet the environmental tests and other Resource Management Act (RMA) requirements.

In order to be considered under the Act, KiwiRail had to demonstrate the project met criteria for referral on issues like employment creation, sustainable management and recovery from the economic and social impacts of COVID-19.

Kiwirail have also announced that selection of the design consortium to prepare the final designs the ferry terminals in Waitohi Picton and Te Whanganui-a-Tara Wellington. The consortium is made up of two engineering consultancies, WSP and Jacobs. It will take the existing concept design through to final design, ahead of construction starting later this year.

Kiwirail are planning to lodge consent in the next few months.You may see some early works starting around the Kaiwharawhara terminal as it undertakes minor works, and relocates utility services that might need moving in preparation for the main construction.

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Khandallah Pool to be Rebuilt

Khandallah Pool.
It is outside of our immediate area, but Khandallah Pool is well used by residents of Ngaio and Crofton Downs, so the Council Decision to rebuild the pool will provide us with a community asset.

At the February meeting of Wellington City Council’s Pūroro Rangaranga Social, Cultural and Economic Committee the full rebuild, including heating of the main pool and installation of a new spa, was approved, with a total cost of $8.05 million.

“This was a decision that had to be weighed up carefully and in the final outcome was made for the Onslow suburbs and all Wellington residents as a whole and will prove to be an investment that will contribute to fitness and more children actively engaged and trained in the life aquatic,” said Mayor Andy Foster.

The budget is scheduled to commence in 2023/24. Council officers will report back in May 2022 on the scheduling for further design work, which is to include community input, and for construction.

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Important Change to Recycling

The Sustainability Trust has advised that recycling of plastic caps will be changing, as The Tiny Plastic Factory has stopped taking them while it works on a new circular economy solution for plastics in the economy . They have now secured a new collection partnership with Aotearoa NZ Made Ltd. There are a couple of key changes to the plastic bottle cap recycling programme.  Metal items remain the same.

However only plastics 2 and 5 are accepted and they must be sorted.

Saturday 5 February will therefore be the last time that we can accept unsorted plastic lids – if you can seperate them this week even better.

At future collections we will only have seperate buckets for type 2 plastic lids, and for type 5 plastic lids.

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