Naylor Love updates

In addition to the early pours listed below, Naylor Love have advised that:

  • the pour planned for 22 July has been postponed to 23 July due to bad weather
  • there will be one additional – this Wednesday 15th July. Same conditions will apply
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Project Update –  Ngaio Gorge Road slope Stabilisation improvements

The following update on the Ngaio Gorge Road repair has been provided by Wellington City Council.

Construction work to repair the Ngaio Gorge slip from a landslide is set to start mid-October 2020 and will take two years to complete. Fulton Hogan Limited has been engaged in construction work.

We planned to start this in March 2020 but COVID- 19 put a stop to that. Given we have to relocate lizards prior to construction and the need to do this when they are wide awake and out of hibernation means we cannot start this work until October (as per wildlife consent conditions).

Work will give priority to the construction of three retaining walls to realign the road. Once that is completed the Council is to continue stabilising the lower and upper slip sites and remove the concrete barriers and shipping containers. The Ngaio Gorge road will be down to one lane for the duration of the project and will be controlled by traffic signals. There will be impacts on traffic while the work is underway. We will monitor traffic flows, particularly during the morning and evening commuter peaks to minimise the impact on people’s journey times. Crews will be working between 7am to 6pm, Monday to Saturday from mid-Oct 2020 until mid-Oct 2022


Wellington City Council

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Upcoming Roadworks in our area

We receive regular updates from Wellington City Council about upcoming roadworks. The table below covers main Council scheduled roadworks for this month, in our local area.   Note: dates may change due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

Ngaio Gorge Slip Stabilisation project October 2020 to 2022 Traffic reduced to one lane controlled traffic control Further information on WCC website project page.
Grant Road, Thorndon Retaining walls strengthening project Mid-February to early 2021 Traffic reduced to one lane controlled by temporary traffic signals
Rangiora Avenue, Kaiwharawhara Construction of new footpath and staircase down to Hutt Road. July – August 2020 Reduced parking during construction. Traffic controlled by stop go.  Work hours 7am to 6pm Monday to Saturday. Project delayed due to COVID-19


Latest updates on roadworks, road closures and events information can be found on the WCC website at:

A map of upcoming work for 2019/20 is at

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Lets Get Wellington Moving – Central City Consultation

The Let’s Get Wellington Moving (LGWM) team is seeking feedback on the Golden Mile – with a 26 July deadline.

The information below has been received from LGWM, and is copied here so that our residents are made aware and given the opportunity to make a submission if you so wish. NCDRA’s view is that our residents views on these concepts are diverse, and there is not a “Community view” that we can submit.

Three different concepts for making the Golden Mile better for people and buses have been released for community feedback, to help the team develop a preferred option. Improving the Golden Mile is an important part of Let’s Get Wellington Moving’s plan to move more people with fewer vehicles and support Wellington’s growth.

The Golden Mile is the shopping and entertainment heart of the City and one of the busiest pedestrian areas in the country. It runs from Lambton Quay through Willis and Manners streets to Courtenay Place. It’s also the core of the city’s bus network – bringing 36,000 people to and from the city on a typical weekday.

The three concepts are:
Streamline – which takes some general traffic off the Golden Mile while making buses more reliable.
Prioritise – which goes further by fully prioritising buses and pedestrians and creating more space for people to walk, shop and spend time.
Transform – which changes the road layout to make pedestrian spaces up to 75% wider, bus lanes and, in some places, dedicated areas for people on bikes.

The preferred option, to be confirmed later this year, may be a combination of these concepts. Detailed planning and implementation will be underway from 2021.

Find out more and have your say at

“Let’s Get Wellington Moving is a joint initiative between Wellington City Council, Greater Wellington Regional Council, and Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency. Our vision for Wellington is to create a great harbour city that is accessible to all, with attractive places, shared streets and efficient local and regional journeys. To realise this vision, we need to move more people with fewer vehicles”.

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Naylor Love May Update – Churchill Dr construction

Naylor Love have provided the attached update for residents about work on the Bupa care Home being constructed at 122 Churchill Drive.

Dear Neighbours and Residents,

June Update: Bupa Care Facility at 122 Churchill Drive

We would like to thank you for your understanding around the recent early pours, throughout the month of June, there will be six pours commencing at 6:30am, on the following dates:
• Tuesday 2nd June
• Monday 15th June
• Tuesday 16th June
• Tuesday 23rd June
• Wednesday 24th June
• Tuesday 30th June

The pump will arrive on site the day prior to the pour, and as always, we will carefully plan the arrival of every truck to ensure a smooth transition between deliveries, this will any road disruptions as all trucks will enter site immediately upon arrival. To reduce the noise as much as possible, we will position the pump as far away from the gate as we can and place our sound reducing panels around the pump.

You will have seen the Naylor Love teal scrim going up around the building along with the scaffolding. We will be continuing to work around the building as the structural steel goes up. The concrete has been poured throughout the first floor of the first building and we are scheduled to complete the second and third (top) floor by the end of June.

At the South end of the building, we aim to be out of the ground by the end of June. Which will allow us to start erecting the structural steel to the remainder of the building.

We will send out another update at the start of July, as always if you have any questions, you’re welcome to e-mail us on:

Kind regards,

The Naylor Love Team

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What you love most about living in Ngaio or Crofton Downs

Even in these uncertain times, there’s one thing we know for sure – staying home for 4 weeks has given us chance to spend more time than we ever thought possible in Wellington’s best little suburb – Ngaio Crofton Downs!

So it’s just the time – we thought – to ask you what things you most LOVE about living here? Is it the people? the bush? the wildlife? the hills? the clean air? or something else…?

And while we’ve been staying home, what have you enjoyed most? Walking down the middle of your street without fear of being bowled over by the traffic? the peace and quiet? The call of the Tui and the Kereru? talking with your neighbours over the fence? or something else…?

Upload a video, a photo, a message or an audio and tell us what you love most about living in Ngaio or Crofton Downs. And what’s been best about staying-home here – things you want to keep hold of, even when Covid-19 is beaten! Keeping down our carbon footprint and keeping up our healthier lifestyles and communities maybe…?

How to get your entry to us? – send them from online at this link– or email, or post to a cloud sharing facility and send us a link.

DEADLINE – 5.00pm 22 May

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Bupa Site – Work Restarting

Naylor Love have provided the attached update for residents about restarting work on the Bupa carer Home at 122 Churchill Drive. The full notice is available by clicking on this link – Newsletter – Level 3.

“There is no doubt that Level 3 will also be a challenging and uncertain time, but we have followed the guidelines set out by the Government to ensure that any person that enters our Construction Site will be as safe as possible.

Starting from Tuesday 28th April, the Bupa Crofton Downs Site will open, however it will not be business as usual. We have implemented strict protocols, to name a few;
• designated working zones,
• staggered breaks,
• physical distancing,
• detailed sign in sheets comprising of how employees got to work that day,
• multiple hand washing and sanitising facilities, and
• staff continuing to work from home if they are able to.

We understand that it is a privilege to be able to return to work, albeit under severe protocols. We will continue to work hard to maintain the highest level of safety during this period.

Kind regards,
The Naylor Love Team”

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On this website we will focussing on directing our residents to a credible source for up to date and accurate information. Below are the links that we recommend you refer to, for information, support and other resources. Please let us know if you are aware of other valuable sites.

Within the community we strongly recommend small street groups as a means of staying in contact with neighbours. These groups should make sure that those anyone who will benefit from support has a contact within our community and are receiving the help they need. Keep community help operating at a very local level. Examples that are working in our suburbs include gathering the email addresses of your neighbours, setting up telephone trees, the “Street Captain” initiative from the Hutt, and Neighbourhood Support groups.

The feed back I am getting suggests that Ngaio and Crofton Downs are coping well, staying home or keeping social distancing when out for exercise, and very importantly kindness and patience is very evident. The lockdown requires everyone to play their part, to stop the spread of Covid-19 and allow health services to get on top of it. We recommend that you:

  1. Act as if you have Covid-19
  2. Stay home, or stay local if you are out for exercise or essential business (eg to supermarket)
  3. Use common sense
  4. But do not forget kindness and neighbourly support

Sources of Information and Support

If you are unsure, or are having trouble getting through to anyone above, call Wellington City Council, on 499 4444, they have people trained to direct you to the right place. And if you are still having trouble getting through on these lines, then we have committee members of Ngaio Crofton Downs Residents Association who can help you to get assistance. Ring Murray Pascoe, 976 1291, or Ian Turk 939 8441.

For any Council repairs or maintenance, the WCC on line form, click here, or the FIXiT app are both operational.

On the Government site there are a number of resources – this is the key messages poster to the right, click on the image for a larger version.

Kia Kaha
Stay safe

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What would you do in an earthquake?


Earthquake drills for Ngaio and Crofton Downs are being held so you can:

  1. learn how the community can respond to the challenges of an emergency, and
  2. practice how the Community Emergency Hub will run during a major event.

For more information contact Chris Moore, Emergency Management Advisor who many met at our picnic. Email

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Planned Works – Ngaio and Crofton Downs

WCC provide updates on woks planned across Wellington. Here is a summary of work planned in Ngaio and Crofton Downs, plus some that may affect residents on a dail basis - eg commuting to CBD
Box Hill Bridge
Handrail upgrade to comply with Building Code
Mid-February for one month.
Ngaio Gorge
Slip Stabilisation project
Late March 2020 – March 2022
Grant Road, Thorndon
Retaining walls strengthening project
Mid February to early 2021
Box Hill
Kerb and channel and footpath renewal
End of January to 6 March
Rangiora Avenue, Kaiwharawhaura
Construction of new footpath and staircase down to Hutt Road.
9 March to mid-July
Nicholson Road
Installation of pedestrian central median
16 March to 20 March
Ngatoto Street – Swansea St to Khandallah Rd
Surfacing - Asphalt Paving
5 March to 6 March
BARNARD ST – Sar St to Anne St
Surfacing- Chip Sealing
Wilton Rd- Churchill Dr to Norwich St
Surfacing- Chip Sealing
Tarikaka St- Khandallah Rd to Carroll St
Surfacing- Chip Sealing
Claire St- Chelmsford St to cul de sac
Surfacing- Chip Sealing
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