2015 AGM

Robyn Radomski was elected president at our AGM, Murray Pascoe treasurer and John White secretary. The business section was over very quickly so we could get on to the highlight of the meeting – our guest speakers Matt Robertson and Nick Tansley.

Nick talked about predator control in our suburbs and Matt highlighted some of the threats faced by kaka in an urban environment – such as off leash dogs, roaming cats, and <a href=”http://ngaio.org.nz/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/step0003.jpg”><img class=”aligncenter size-medium wp-image-1139″ alt=”step0003″ src=”http://ngaio.org.nz/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/step0003-300×225.jpg” width=”300″ height=”225″ /></a>adult birds eating nuts or nibbling on lead nails. He focused on a family of kaka nesting in one of our local reserves. These kaka became famous internationally after a webcam was set up showing what was happening inside the nest.

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AGM – 10 November

We are holding our AGM on Tuesday, 10 November in the Ngaio Union Church. All residents of Ngaio and Crofton Downs are warmly invited to come.

Guest speakers include Nick Tansley talking about the Morgan Foundation’s contribution to predator control in our suburbs, and Matt Robertson (our local park ranger) who will focus on threats to kaka outside Zealandia.

KakaWe try to conduct the business part of the meeting quickly and efficiently so that there is plenty of time to listen to and ask questions of our guest speakers. Light refreshments afterwards.


Place: Ngaio Union Church, corner of Kenya Street and Crofton Road

Time: 7:30 to 9:00


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What would you like for Cummings Park?

Ngaio Crofton Downs Residents Association is seeking input from the community to develop a vision for Cummings Park in the centre of Ngaio.

The first step is a workshop to be held in the Ngaio Town Hall between 2pm and 4pm on Saturday 31 October. The aim is to generate ideas and gauge community preferences about future possibilities for Cummings Park prior to preparing a draft vision.



Currently the park contains a playground, a dog exercise area, a picnic lawn and areas of regenerating native bush. The Korimako stream runs through the park, as does the national Te Araroa walkway.

We believe Cummings Park has the potential to meet the needs of our community by better providing for a range of informal recreation activities for all age groups.

A community vision would strengthen the ability of local residents to effectively engage in partnership with the Wellington City Council on issues relating to the park’s future.

Local residents Ralph Johns and Andrew Burns who work professionally in landscape architecture and urban design are facilitating the workshop. It will start with a short presentation at 2 pm which sets the context for the project. A series of facilitated general discussions will follow.

You are encouraged to stay from the beginning if you can, but otherwise we hope you will drop in and let us know your views about Cummings Park. If you are unable to come on the Saturday then please email us your views to: ngaiopa@gmail.com

We welcome all those with an interest in developing community aspirations for the present and future of Cummings Park to attend.


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Silversky Track opening

After almost 18 months of dedicated volunteer labour and the support of Wellington City Council and Transpower, the Silversky track was officially opened on 9th May 2015.

A celebratory lunch was laid on down at the Huntleigh Park Girl Guides Centre, with a welcoming speech from Mayor Celia Wade-Brown.CeliaWadeBrown Opening Silversky Speeches at Guides Centre 9MAY2015

The assembled gathering then made its way to the new bridge on the lower section of the Silversky Track. Funding for the construction of the bridge was provided through the Transpower Community Fund. The official track opening was marked by the traditional cutting of the ribbon, with the honours going to Kevin Small on behalf of Transpower, here seen with local Councillor Andy Foster. Graham Weir, a key member of the team of local volunteers looks on.





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131 Silverstream Road – 129 new houses proposed

Resource consent applications for 131 Silverstream Road

Wellington City Council and Greater Wellington Regional Council have received resource consent applications for earthworks, diversion and discharge for a 129 allotment development at 131 Silverstream Rd in Crofton Downs. 

Proposed Silverstream Rd development

Ngaio Crofton Downs Residents Association is providing information to the councils about issues of concern to local residents. One  concern is that all applications concerned with the subdivision should be dealt with together. Currently only earthworks, diversion and discharge activities are applied for.

We will also advocate for public notification of the applications and raise concerns about effects of the proposal such as dust, noise, traffic and stream discharges.

To view the current applications try this Dropbox link (warning big files 60 and 80 MB).

If you have particular concerns or experience in RMA application processes we’d love to hear from you.

Please contact our co-ordinator for this project here.

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Crofton Downs residents convince Council not to include 131 Silverstream Rd in their special housing areas

Wellington City Councillors voted against a proposal to nominate 131 Silverstream Rd as a Special Housing Area at their 8 April meeting. Only Councillors Ahipene-Mercer, Coughlan, and Marsh voted for it.

Local resident Andrew McLellan spoke at the meeting, explaining why 131 Silverstream Road should not be a SHA. Issues include land instability and slumping, stream flooding, vegetation that is part of a continuous belt of regenerating and mature trees, pest control, transport impacts on Silverstream Road, and lack of community consultation. Local MP Peter Dunne also expressed his opposition.

There have been ‘pre-application’ discussions between the owner and council officers for some time. It is likely the developer, Mayall Properties Ltd, will lodge a resource consent application under the normal RMA process sometime soon.

Read more about this story in the Independent Herald (15 April 2015)

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Wanted: people to monitor noisy Johnsonville trains at night

Murray King is working with the Regional Council to reduce the train squeal on the Johnsonville line. They are trialling reduced train speed after 10pm and want people who live close to the line in Crofton Downs and Ngaio to provide feedback.

During April all trains after 10pm will travel from Crofton Downs to north of Box Hill at 20km/h. Later in the trial they may increase the speed to30 km/h to see if that makes a difference. They chose the night trains because the noise at night is particularly disturbing and because there will be fewer passengers delayed by the change.

Let Murray know what you think the trial has brought about in terms of noise. Let him know where where you live along the Line, as well as your approximate distance from the track and a brief description of the noise. Let him know when you think the train noise is particularly bad and whether slower trains at night are making a difference. Don’t wait until the end of the trial to give feedback as he is happy to receive frequent emails.

E-mail him at murray.king@xtra.co.nz to let him know what you think.

Trains in Ngaio 2012

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Why 131 Silverstream Rd shouldn’t be a special housing area

The land at the end of Silverstream Rd, Crofton Downs, is on Wellington City Council’s nominated list of special housing areas around the city. This means that, for the land confirmed as special housing areas, Council speeds up the resource consent process and limits notification to immediate neighbours. Members of the community aren’t notified or consulted before work begins.

Crofton Downs resident, Andrew McLellan is making an oral presentation to a full Council meeting on Wednesday, 8 April 5:30 pm, explaining why he opposes the inclusion of 131 Silverstream Road as a special housing area. Ngaio Crofton Downs Residents Association supports his views.

Silverstream Rd

Silverstream Rd

131 Silverstream Road is surrounded on 3 sides by the Outer Green Belt and is close to Huntleigh Park. There are issues around the environment, earth stability, recreational access and infrastructure that need to be addressed.

It has a special appendix in Council’s District Plan.

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Neighbours Day picnic in Cummings Park cancelled

We have cancelled the picnic in Cummings Park today, Sunday, 29 March from 11:00am – 3:00 pm. It’s real shame because we have the Push Play trailer with lots of games for the kids, the scouts were planning to do a sausage sizzle and the guides were planning to sell girl guide biscuits and show people how to decorate them. As well, many of our green restoration groups were going to be there, and we planned to show everyone some of the amazing features of the park, such as the old totara tree.

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“Neighbours Day Picnic in Cummings Park” is locked Neighbours Day Picnic in Cummings Park

Ngaio Crofton Downs Residents Association is organising a Neighbours Day Picnic in Cummings Park on Sunday, 29 March from 11am – 3pm. Bring your own picnic and join in the fun. Water available.

The Guides will help us play Push Play games throughout the day and Ngaio scouts will demonstrate how to put up tents.  poster

If it’s wet on the day, we’ll put cancellation notices in Cummings Park and on our website. Fingers crossed for fine weather.

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