Times to main Ngaio intersections by turning right or turning left when exiting the Chelmsford Reserve


  • There is a very limited distance for observing traffic coming uphill from the right when turning right.
  • A left-hand turn, particularly if preceded by a three-point turn off-road, gives sufficient time to safely move into the uphill lane.
  • The times were measured between 7am and 7.30am on a Sunday morning, with no other traffic was encountered.

Turn at exit. Route To Town Hall roundabout To Awarua/Ottawa roundabout
Right Collingwood St 1 minute 2 minutes
Left Reverse turn at 42 Chelmsford 3 minutes 4 minutes
Left Reverse turn corner Chelmsford
& Clare
4 minutes 5 minutes
Left Chelmsford/Heke/Motueka/Chelmsford
4 minutes 5 minutes
Left Chelmsford/Rothsay/Awarua 5 minutes

Conclusion:The four alternative routes from turning left add between two and three minutes driving time to Ngaio’s main intersections to the time if turning right.